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How Many Millions for New Wrigley Deal?!

Finally, some official releases of what is to be expected from the upcoming, $500 million Wrigley Field/area renovations have been revealed. Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts were playing “pretend” when they ordered cranes and pullies into town to hold up a 6,000 square ft mock-up of what the new jumbotron score board will look like.

Photos in the Yahoo! Sports story were submitted by a Wrigleyville resident who happened to be walking by when this staging was taking place. Interesting note because a news outlet picked up his photos, who knows if the photos were taken with a particular sentiment towards the whole renovation ordeal. More neighborhood insight will be sought out for the final piece on the Wrigleyville/Lakeview reaction to the renovation deal.

I’ve been in contact with rooftop manager, who has yet to commit to allowing me to use his bar’s name (or his name) in my story, but has agreed to comment on the agreement that will change the landscape for Wrigleyville and Lakeview.

In addition, no response has been received from 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney’s office, but I plan on popping in their office this week or early next to get some comments from his office employees (with the hopes of maybe getting in contact with him for a few questions).

For the final piece, I plan on taking some original photos of the Wrigley Field area, as well as signage in the West Lakeview area that pertains to the parking situation. ESPN.com also published some photos of the proposed renovation designs, which I will either embed or link off too.


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