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Ravenswood: Perfect Neighborhood or Poor Media Coverage

What’s going in ravenswood? Finding the most current information on Ravenswood developments seems to be difficult for anyone interested. Could it be that there is not enough going on in Ravenswood community? Or is it that better measures should be taken, in order to give this neighborhood more of a presence on all forms of media?

Poor media coverage seems to be the answer. Ravenswood has a lot going for itself, but unless you are resident of Ravenswood or live in a neighboring town, you might not have any clue as to what is going on.

Several improvements and business strategies are being implemented by organizations like the Ravenswood Community Council, to add value to the community. The Ravenswood station one of the biggest ongoing projects that officials are excited about. The Greener Ravenswood kick off–recently hosted by the Ravenswood Community Council–was a huge success. Over 100 guests attended the event and the Council managed to raise 12,000 dollars to go towards Ravenwood beautification process.

Publications like the Center Square Journal and the Welles Park Bulldog present great information about Ravenswood when it is at their fingertips, but news on the neighborhood is few and far between. DNAinfo.com used to have some info on the happenings in the Ravenswood area, but now it no longer exists.

A solution to this problem could involve the Ravenswood Council Reaching out to the publications mentioned above more often with specific community updates. Ravenswood residents could also be more vocal about what coverage they want from larger publications. The Chicago Tribune has specific info on Ravenswood, but you have to pay extra to get access to that information. The seems unfair.  Whatever the solution is for this problem is, the first step will must involve more individuals demanding more information.




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