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More Wrigley News: Tunney Not Budging

Tom Tunney has long championed what most Lakeview/Wrigleyville residents have in regards to the Tom Rickett’s renovation propositions, which is to say: we don’t approve, don’t do it. Cub’s fans in support of the renovation claim that Tunney’s stance on the issue is due by and large to the amounts of revenue generated by the famous Wrigley Rooftops, which are owned and operated by neighborhood residents who pay millions in zoning and licensing fees.

One specific, and humorous account of this claim comes from Chicago Now blogger Peggy Saturday, who published a post in early April, criticizing Tunney of being too stubborn and passive in regards to the talks surrounding the proposition of relocation/renovation of the Cub’s home field.

On April 5th, the same day Saturday published her critical blog post about Tunney, the Chicago Tribune reported that Tunney was “optimistic” about the renovation talks. His interests are reported to lie in agreements on additional police, remote parking, additional parking in the neighborhood, community infrastructure improvements, and more night games.

On a more humorous note, a former Cub’s player, Marlon Byrd, was reported by Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago on May 17th to be critical of the Cubs’ lack of interest in updating the park for the players and not solely for the purposes of the fans and neighborhood tourists.

Levine quoted Byrd as having said, “‘They are trying to get this ballpark up to date for the fans and players as well,” he said. “Free agents go to visit cities as part of the process of deciding where they want to play. Look, guys come through Citi Field, they see that is an amazing facility. If I was a player right now and had to choose between New York and Chicago based on facilities, I would choose New York all of the time.'”


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