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Chicago North Side

eco-Andersonville initiatives

Why green initiatives in Andersonville is crucial for Chicago’s future.

By Jon Cecero

For my final, I would like to expand on how Andersonville is changing the way Chicago neighborhoods value green initiatives and why it is important to place such a high value on being green.

In my midterm I explored Andersonville’s “people spots,” where citizens could enjoy the outdoors in a green space that used to be two parking lots.

I have a few options I would like to explore:

  • Is Andersonville the only neighborhood in Chicago with public recycle bins on its street corners? These bins are sponsored by local businesses. Is that working what has the response been?
  • Midsommarfest is coming up in the beginning of June and the annual festival is offering the first ever bike valet. It is where they park people’s bike’s for them in a secure location so they do not get stolen. This is apparently something that takes place in Madison, WI and Andersonville is trying this out for the first time. I want to know has this been successful in Madison? What are the benefits to having the event park your bikes? Is it free? The blurb on eco-Andersonville’s site also mentioned they are in need of a sponsor. Does this mean the valet service is free?

Who I want to speak with:

  • Ellen Shepard- Executive Director of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Brian Bonanno- Sustainability Programs Manager, eco-Andersonville
  • Business owner– particularly one who is a sponsor of a recycling bin or something else created by eco-Andersonville
  • Citizen(s)- I would like to speak to at least one citizen on their thoughts on what the neighborhood is doing for them.

What and Why? Big picture.

  • I want to find out if these initiatives are only happening in Andersonville and why Andersonville is making such an effort to be green.
  • WHY-I want to know if this is having any impact on Chicago (Andersonville is so small, is it really making a difference?) Is the quality of life better in the northern neighborhood?
  • What obstacles if any has Andersonville run into from the city with their projects and plans?
  • Who is funding these initiatives?
  • What exactly does eco-Andersonville do? When was it founded and for what purpose?

My midterm scratched the surface of the what my final hopes to accomplish. I am excited to get to work.


About jonathancecero

Hi there, My name is Jon Cecero and I am a global journalist and communication professional specializing in all forms of multi-media. I have several years experience as a reporter, producer, and photographer. He has worked for numerous media outlets including Thomson Reuters, Fox Sports, Missouri Digital News, and NBC affiliate KOMU-TV. I have also worked abroad in Brussels, Belgium and Prague, Czech Republic. I am a dedicated journalist and media professional who is organized, focused and goal oriented. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s of Journalism. Currently, I am pursuing my Master's degree at DePaul University in Chicago.


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