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Chicago North Side

Why parklets? Why Andersonville?

Andersonville is a Chicago neighborhood, which values sustainability and invests time and effort into green initiatives. For example, Andersonville is currently the only neighborhood in Chicago to invest money and donations into “parklets” or people spots, as they are sometimes referred to.

“This space is an opportunity to re-imagine our urban environment in a way that fosters community,” says Brian Bonanno, sustainable program manager for Andersonville.

As part of a greater eco-Andersonville initiative to improve pedestrian accessibility and bike infrastructure throughout Andersonville, the Andersonville Development Corporation (ADC) has partnered with the Chicago Department of Transporation (CDOT) and local business owners to build one of Chicago’s very first “Parklets”. Utilizing native plants, public seating and bike parking they will create a green urban retreat in one of the densest commercial districts outside of the loop. Many other major cities across the US are already embracing the parklet approach.

According to their website, the Andersonville Development Corporation works to move the community toward a future that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.  Their evolving eco-Andersonville initiatives are a core part of this effort, including the Sustainable Business Certification and Andersonville Green Week. These programs would not be successful without the incredible businesses, organizations, and residents of the community that support them.

Andersonville was the first neighborhood in Chicago to propose the installation of an on-street People Spot, as part of its Eco-Andersonville environmental program. The Andersonville People Spot initiative was conceived and led by the Andersonville Development Corporation, with support from Alderman Patrick O’Connor, the City of Chicago Department of Transportation and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It will be managed under the auspices of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce.

The Andersonville People Spot is fully modular and will be removed during the winter months.

Where is the money to build coming from?

Funding for the Andersonville People Spot was raised entirely from within the community:

  • $6,800 Kickstarter campaign for the Andersonville People Spot (a.k.a “Andersonville Parklet”), with 130 citizen funder
  • $7,900 Andersonville Special Service Area #22
  • $5,200 Andersonville Chamber of Commerce

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