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Uptown Entertainment Progression

The Aragon and Riviera are progressing in their renovations, although at very different rates. After their court date appearance last Wednesday, the city ordered the owners of the Aragon to “repair their crumbling terra cotta in the next seven days to avoid fines that were piling up.” according to a report done by DNAInfo Chicago. … Continue reading

How Many Millions for New Wrigley Deal?!

Finally, some official releases of what is to be expected from the upcoming, $500 million Wrigley Field/area renovations have been revealed. Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that Theo Epstein and Tom Ricketts were playing “pretend” when they ordered cranes and pullies into town to hold up a 6,000 square ft mock-up of what the new jumbotron … Continue reading

Microbrew? Yes Please.

Andersonville’s gastropub, Hopleaf ,  was recently featured in a story on ABC 7. There you will find hundreds of local and Belgian beers. While Hopleaf itself does not brew beer, Andersonville is on its way to being home to a new microbrewery and currently is home to the micro-distillery, Koval. Maybe it was because of the recent Craft Beer Week … Continue reading

Ravenswood: Ideal Place for Relocated Students

With the increase of development happening in Ravenswood, it might be a great place for students who are being relocated because of school closings. Mc Pherson Elementary, 4728 N. Wolcott Ave, is in a prime position of all that is happening in the area. It’s literally just east and across the street from the biggest … Continue reading

Ravenswood: Perfect Neighborhood or Poor Media Coverage

What’s going in ravenswood? Finding the most current information on Ravenswood developments seems to be difficult for anyone interested. Could it be that there is not enough going on in Ravenswood community? Or is it that better measures should be taken, in order to give this neighborhood more of a presence on all forms of … Continue reading

More Wrigley News: Tunney Not Budging

Tom Tunney has long championed what most Lakeview/Wrigleyville residents have in regards to the Tom Rickett’s renovation propositions, which is to say: we don’t approve, don’t do it. Cub’s fans in support of the renovation claim that Tunney’s stance on the issue is due by and large to the amounts of revenue generated by the … Continue reading

Next Up: The Uptown Theater District

While three schools in the Uptown and Andersonville neighborhood have been confirmed to be closed today, Uptown’s entertainment venues are sparking some interesting discussions alongside the latest CPS news. The owners of the Aragon Ballroom and Rivera Theater are to appear in court this Wednesday night, as they face excessive fines for building code violations … Continue reading

Wrigley Field Renovation Draft Revealed by Ricketts

Now that the baseball season is fully underway, much of the buzz surrounding the impending Wrigley Field renovations have died down. News that the proposed renovations had reached a final draft made major waves in early May across all major and local news outlets. Many Cubs fans, particularly the Lakeview neighborhood residents, have been skeptical … Continue reading

Trumbull in trouble

The North Side neighborhood school is one of the many CPS (Chicago Public Schools) being forced to close its doors. Trumbull Elementary is being voted on today on whether or not the school will be saved. Trumbull is one of 54 schools which are scheduled to close in the 2013-2014 school year, according to Lincoln Square Patch. … Continue reading

Caribou’s Departure Sign of New Trend in Lakeview

Owners of Caribou Coffee announced in early April that they will be closing and/or transition all Chicago store locations to other businesses or to their sister brand, Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Lakeview residents weigh in on the news, and offer insight as to what they think are the true causes. The Chicago coffee scene has … Continue reading

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