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Chicago North Side

New Ravenswood Station Coming Soon: Bittersweet News?

Many are excited about the construction of the new Ravenswood station being built on the northwest corner of west Lawrence and north Ravenswood Avenue. The project brings a Mariano’s grocery store, L.A. Fitness and Sears Auto Care Center to the area. More than 150 new luxury condominiums will be built in addition to what was mention before.  Construction is expected to be completed by Fall of this year. 500 created jobs should be one of the big results of this project.

Those characteristics could be thought of as positive. But could such popular businesses change the dynamic of the Ravenswood Area. According to the Chicago Tribune’s article, “Ravenswood is a microcosm of production, a modern village of craft persons who are as at home behind a sautering /soldering/ iron as a professionally poured cappuccino.”  Ravenswood is a crafty area that have a good variety of little businesses that you just can’t find anywhere.  One can indulge in the arts, find woodworking and visit microbreweries.

With that being said, it might be tough for the businesses that the Ravenswood Station brings to fit in or mesh well with the area.



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