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Chicago North Side

Uptown TIF, Protests, and Theater Troupes

This past Monday, the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee met to discuss the proposition to build luxury developments in a TIF (tax increment finance) district at Montrose and Clarendon in Uptown, Chicago.

JDL Development is asking for 32 million in TIF funds.  This is the same developer mentioned in the last blog post who bought out seven properties to renovate. Many believe this money should be used for schools, public areas, parks, and city/county services.

Northside Action for Justice planned to protest the meeting. There has been no news reported as to whether they did protest, and what happened.

Here’s a video of their latest protest outside of Alderman Cappleman’s office in Uptown, calling up the planned development changes such as closing Hotel Chateau, a transitional living quarters.

The developments planned in Uptown will hit the poor much harder than anyone else, no doubt.

North Side Action for Justice and Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign are working hard to make noise against the development plans. News outlets don’t seem to be paying that much attention.

There is a lack of substantial reporting on the community reactions to these developments, besides DNA Info.

Only DNA Info has reported on story of Pegasus Players, a theater group that is being forced out of their current location in Uptown. Even after their building, the Hull House Association filed bankruptcy last year, Pegasus Players stayed and continued to pay rent.

DLG Management is in the “process of buying” the foreclosed property, and plans to “re-develop it in to a 24-unit apartment building”.

It is uncertain whether or not Pegasus Players will be able to stay in Uptown after they are forced to move this fall, once their current lease is up.



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