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People spots; the new hot spots

ANDERSONVILLE- For my midterm, I would like to focus my article on Andersonville’s commitment to being green and having environmentally friendly initiatives. I specifically want to look at what are being called “People Spots.” Andersonville currently has two people spots and are planning on installing a third this summer.

Here is a map of current people spots and bike corral locations:


I would like to focus my blog post on two articles written by the same author concerning these people spots. The articles were written by author John Greenfield, who did not hide his excitement about the new park-lets in Andersonville.

Article 1: April 4, 2013

The first article is written more like a personal blog post.

What I liked:

  • The use of hard numbers to help drive his point home about the benefits of the parklets
  • I liked the photos- it helped make the article more journalistic and visually appealing (he took the photos himself)
  • The use of quotes: Greenfield spoke to Brian Bonnano, sustainability programs manager with the Andersonville Development Corporation. This gave his story weight and validity.

What I didn’t like

  • The use of only one source. Greenfield only interviewed Bonnano. I would have loved to get a local business owner’s point of view.
  • Lacked enough multimedia. The map and two photos were nice but a photo slide show would have been better. I also would have included a short video clip to go with.
  • Greenfield did not discuss any of the downsides or tried to speak with someone against the parklets.

Article 2: August 6, 2012- will be addressed in my next blog post. Stay tuned! This all leads up to my midterm article.


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Hi there, My name is Jon Cecero and I am a global journalist and communication professional specializing in all forms of multi-media. I have several years experience as a reporter, producer, and photographer. He has worked for numerous media outlets including Thomson Reuters, Fox Sports, Missouri Digital News, and NBC affiliate KOMU-TV. I have also worked abroad in Brussels, Belgium and Prague, Czech Republic. I am a dedicated journalist and media professional who is organized, focused and goal oriented. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s of Journalism. Currently, I am pursuing my Master's degree at DePaul University in Chicago.


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