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Lakeview Changes: Wrigley and Caribou

My two main focuses are the effects the newly proposed Wrigley Field renovation deal will have on the Lakeview neighborhood, as well as the closure of four Lakeview Caribou Coffee locations. There has been plenty of reporting on the topics, coming from major outlets like the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, as well as smaller publications like the Chicago Reader, AolPatch.com, and DNAInfo.com.

I tweeted four times on the topics I’ve chosen, two on Wrigley and two on Caribou. The way I found the tweets was by searching keywords in Twitter’s search bar. I was provided with an assortment of tweets, coming from everyday fans/consumers, to news outlets and the companies themselves (the Cubs and Caribou).

Tweet1 Tweet2 Tweet3 Tweet4

What I liked:The Caribou stories are what I searched first, and I liked that a TV station (WGN) had picked up the story and that it was related to Chicago-at-large. It linked off to a story and video that I believe was well-reported. The second Caribou tweet was a reply to a tweet that DNAInfo.com posted regarding the closure of Caribou’s Lincoln Park location. I posed the question: [Coffee] Boutiques taking over?” That will be a potential area to focus my reporting on with this story.

The Wrigley tweets basically link off to one op-ed piece from Michael Miner of the Chicago Reader, and one to a story posted by AolPatch’s Lakeview page regarding Rep. Quigley’s views on the upcoming Wrigley renovations. I liked these because they link to two potential sources I would use, and the stories are not ones that were heavily reported (in these respective ways) at any of the other major outlets in the city.


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