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Chicago North Side

In Boystown, Urban Planning Abounds

Going through sources for stories in both Lincoln Square as well as the immediate Boystown area (from Belmont to Grace along Halsted), I have found that the most compelling story lines in the various developments that are popping up along that particular corridor. There is the proposed 6-story, 100 room hotel at 3300 block of N Halsted, a mixed use living/retail space at the 3600 block of Halsted currently being built, and two new bars that are planned for the area. What I am interested in is the effect that these new developments will have on the existing community. After recently talking to Paul Cannella, the owner of both Taverna 750 as well as Scarlet (local neighborhood restaurant and bar located on Halsted), it seems as many of the various business owners are ecstatic about the possibility of bring more revenue into the Boystown area. Yet, there are Lakeview residents that think that this is going to ruin the neighborhood by placing high-rises on the main thoroughfare, and well as by bringing investors in from outside the city.

    Overall, the dynamics on just this one issue are enough to, pardon the expression, fill a book with. This development will change Boystown, and depending on whom you talk to, for better or worse. By finding out more information during the aggregation stage of this process will help me narrow down the resources and informational outlets I would need to get more background on this and other developments in the area.



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